OJT Experience

      We, as a 4th year student of Filamer Christian College are required to undergo the what wecalled OJT “on the job training” as part of the requirements in BS Computer Science (BSCS). We are the one to choose what company to apply for an OJT. As a group we have undergo our OJT at Philippine Airlines Company – Roxas City. We ask permission to the branch manager which is Mr. Efren Badong to have our OJT there. He accept us as an OJT Trainee. We are so excited for our OJT, because we are expecting to learn something new and how to control feelings and attitude in an actual office scenario.

      Firstday in the morning April 14, 2008 , 5:00 am at PAL Office, Roxas City Airport, I’m waiting for Alex and Cathy there. We wear a formal attire to look like a being professional as an OJT. We have to be schedule monday to friday morning for our duty and after our OJT done Rachel and Willy are being schedule in the afternoon and every weekends.

      Then at the office of the manager, all we have to do is that we sit down and wait for the signal of the manager to assign us in our respective area, then we feel nervous and ashamed to the manager but we have to be strong to face them all. But were not lucky that time because their machine is defected so we have to do is manual process for the check-in area. It is hard for us too and time consuming in giving services to the passengers and there is a tendency of committing errors.

      In the next day after the flight we had been assigned to do work. After my work done in other room I go to the check-in area I saw Alex and Cathy crying…. If i’m not mistaken, one of the member in the check-in area committed some errors and the manager got angry about it and maybe it’s our fault making errors. Sir Badong explained to us that there is nothing wrong about it, we are right to do our job. Lunch break time Sir Badong invited the three (3) of us to have a lunch with him at Mang Inasal and we are so shy because of what happen that day.

      We learned more about what OJT means and to be patient is more important when you have a relationship to other people especially when you do not know them well. I had encountered different attitudes between clients and my employer, they have more jokes than us and we have to be sports and control our feelings. We meet new friends inside the company even though they have more guys than girls. We have a new co-OJT trainee named Maureen. She is a tourism student from Iloilo. Mauren is a nice person and kind to us.


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